Nexon could be planning a global release for its V4 MMORPG

V4 MMORPG global release

In case you're waiting for the next big Asian MMORPG to hit western shores, you have a few options to keep an eye on. Genshin Impact is a stunning anime online RPG, Gran Saga is another beautiful anime MMORPG, and Blue Protocol is Bandai Namco's impressive… you guessed it, anime RPG. But if you prefer your games deeply rooted in fantasy, then you should look forward to Nexon's V4 MMORPG.

What started as a mobile exclusive is now a PC MMORPG as well. However, it's unclear is Nexon is planning on taking this game to North America and Europe.

But there's hope, because Nexon Thailand just picked up V4 for a Southeast Asia release. The SEA branch of Nexon recently published World of Dragon Nest and also snagged the rights to Re: Tree of Savior mobile. MMOCulture seems adamant that this move by Nexon Thailand is a big hint for a global release of the V4 MMORPG. But couldn't the same be said about the two other titles mentioned above? World of Dragon Nest does feature an English language option besides the Thai language, so that part of the job is done.

We'll keep following this story, although we're confident that Nexon is indeed going to bring V4 to the west. It would be a waste of a good MMORPG not to do so, especially knowing that the mobile audiences eat these up like crazy.


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