Nexon reveals three more Ascendant One characters… or gods

Ascendant One gods

After the recent reveal of the first three Ascendant One characters, Nexon and developer DevCAT have revealed three more characters for their upcoming MOBA Ascendant One. Or should I call them gods?

After Artemis, Iason and Kentauros Keiron, now it's time for Nike, Ares and Atlas. As you can easily see by their names, Ascendant One is clearly taking inspiration from gods and the Greek mythology. However, unlike SMITE, they are being reworked in a sci-fi theme for this game, which probably makes Ascendant One a marriage between SMITE and Epic Games' Paragon.

Ascendant One is said to be a 5v5 MOBA (third-person or top-down, we still don't know) and coming from the developer of Vindictus, it will hopefully feature some impactful combat. Early Access should begin in Korea during the coming months.

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