Nexon’s sci-fi MOBA Ascendant One Korean launch scheduled for February 14

Ascendant One Korean launch

The sci-fi MOBA Ascendant One from Vindictus developer DevCat is going to launch in Korea on February 14, 2019. After an Early Access phase that started last September, this Nexon game is now ready for release.

Ascendant One is a 5v5 top-down MOBA and will launch with 26 characters, or Ascendants. These heroes are based on Greek mythology Gods such as Athena, Prometheus, Nike, Ares, Atlas and Hebe. The other unique factor to this MOBA is the spheric display of the playing field, as you can see in the gameplay video below.

There is no word of a western release, but since it's Nexon, it could happen.

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