Nexon’s shooter Rocket Arena presents new characters Topnotch and Flux

Rocket Arena Topnotch Flux characters

Nexon just announced two new characters for its upcoming cartoon PvP shooter Rocket Arena: Topnotch and Flux. Or old-fashioned gentleman with a mustache and bubbly girl with magic tablet.

Topnotch is, in fact, the legendary commander of Fort Rocket. Flux, on the other hand, is an excitable, rockat-loving, preteen prodigy from Propulsion Prep. There is no sign of the date when these two will join the six original characters from Rocket Arena, but they will probably deploy when the next beta test begins.

Considering that each Rocket Arena character comes with their own map, or home, I'm curious to see if Topnotch and Flux will continue with this tradition. That adds up to quite some work for the artists and developers, but is deserving of a big round of applause, especially considering the stunning character and arena design.

Rocket Arena is a fun shooter that still needs some work, mostly with the physics and character balance. Notwithstanding, it can be a lot of fun and you can help but smile when you see those amazing characters.


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