Nexon reveals upcoming games, no Peria Chronicles in sight

Peria Chronicles schedule

Nexon has just revealed its upcoming games during the latest financial report, and it's crystal clear that the Korean giant is betting on mobile games. And what is made of Peria Chronicles?

Nexon had some record breaking quarterly results, and according to MMOCulture, 84% of Nexon's revenue comes from PC, while the other 16% comes from mobile games. Makes you wonder why everyone is betting on mobile platforms and mostly forgetting about making some ambitious and new PC games, right? You know, such as… Peria Chronicles?

ThingSoft's ambitious anime sandbox MMORPG is – once again – nowhere to be seen. The last we heard of it, the developers chose to skip G-Star 20178 to focus on the game, but it's been some time already and the absence of Peria Chronicles from the charts below is discouraging. Maybe they're planning for 2019 to be the year of Peria Chronicles, who knows?

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