Nexon’s Nebula MMORPG is over before you learned about it


How many of you were anxiously expecting Nexon's Nebula MMORPG? No one? Oh, that is probably due to the fact that this game was still early in development and little was known about it. Nebula was supposed to be about exploring the unknown and “the thrill of adventure”, so it was probably some sort of fantasy/sci-fi kind of MMO. Maybe with a setting close to Skyforge?

Anyway, we'll probably never know. The studio developing it was the California branch of Nexon and it is being closed in this process. This team was formed last year and was still hiring recently, which is a shame for all involved. A Nebula prototype was in development during this time, but either it wasn't approved by Nexon or it didn't reach a desirable state.

Nexon is obviously developing and publishing several other games, including the highly anticipated anime sandbox MMORPG Peria Chronicles, Asia-exclusive Need For Speed: Edge and Project META, a game that is still pretty much under wraps. Come to think of it, let's not jinx it!


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