Nexon’s PC and Mobile cross-platform MMORPG V4 is going global

cross-platform MMORPG V4

Nexon has announced that the cross-platform MMORPG V4 is going to release worldwide. The beautiful MMO that started as a mobile exclusive and later earned a PC adaptation is going to launch globally in the second half of 2020. Earlier this year, there were hints pointing to this and it turned out to be true.

V4 is an open world MMORPG from Nexon and developed by Nat Games, the Hit and Overhit developer. It was released in Korea by late 2019 and found its way into additional territories by March 2020.

cross-platform MMORPG V4

The makers of V4 boast the game's terrific visuals, something that rings true, as you can see by the gameplay videos. Built using the Unreal Engine 4, it is one of the best-looking games on mobile and manages to hold its own even on PC. V4 features cross-platform play between PC and mobile, including cooperation in the inter-server region, and both cooperative and competitive guild play.

Six classes will be available at launch, with the usual trope of fantasy characters, including the Magician, Knight, and Gunslinger, among others. The MMO aspect is supported by the boss battles that may support more than one hundred players at a time. These field boss battles will reward players with rare and ancient relics.

The cross-platform MMORPG V4 release date is set for the second half of 2020 for PC, Android, and iOS devices, but global players will be able to pre-register starting June 25, 2020. The official site is live right now.

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