The next Warframe is Baruuk, a John Wick-like “reluctant hero”

Warframe Baruuk reveal

Digital Extremes has revealed the next Warframe coming to the game. During the Devstream #119, the first one following the release of the Fortuna update on PC, the team discusses several topics including this new Warframe.

Baruuk is the name of the new Warframe and he is first introduced to the viewers through several art pieces from Warframe fans – it starts at around 17:38. After these pieces we are treated to a still shot of Baruuk, as the camera pans around, showing him in some detail. The inspiration to this new Warframe comes from Sudanese tribes people and African nomads, as the asymmetrical cloth design from his armor may possibly hint at. His powers come mostly from mitigating damage and deflecting damage, hence the “reluctant hero” thematic at work. However, when he gets pushed to the limit, “it's beatdown time.”

There is no release date for Baruuk, but the team hopes to finish and release it before the end of the year.

Warframe Baruuk reveal

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