Nightmare Breaker is a HeroWarz remake currently exclusive to China

Nightmare Breaker HeroWarz remake

HeroWarz is missing in action for nearly two years, as KOG announced that this anime action RPG was going to be revamped. Time goes by and there's a disturbing lack of news about the game.

Now, there's a slight glimpse of hope, as Steparu discovered a Chinese game currently in closed beta called Nightmare Breaker, published by NetEase. Everything about the game breathes HeroWarz, but there are some obvious differences, starting with the characters and going through the UI and other details. It looks… different, more refined, but I can't say if it looks better or worse than the original – you'll be the judge.

It's unlikely that we'll ever get this HeroWarz remake in North America and Europe, but don't give up hope, surprises happen. For now, take a look at some of the videos. 

Thanks to Valdas Jocas for the tip.


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