Not My Car battle royale runs out of gas, shutting down this month

Not My Car battle royale

While I've enjoyed my time in Not My Car battle royale more than I probably should have, not many players felt tempted by NMC Studios' on-wheels shooter. Its mix of Twisted Metal and PUBG didn't appeal to a massive crowd, and its fate was uncertain for a few months already.

The team behind Not My Car just announced that the game is going to shut down on September 30, 2019, a mere five months after its Early Access start. They had plans to bring the game to consoles and add new game modes, but this required a significant investment that didn't happen. Looking at the player figures from the PC original, it's clear that Not My Car wasn't bringing in any revenue whatsoever.

NMC Studios thanks the community for their efforts and the partners at Skybound, Valve, and more for the support over the last two years. The final weekend will mean the goodbye to Not My Car battle royale, with the devs showing up intermittently throughout the weekend – just be on the lookout for the black and gold developer buggies.


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