Not My Car Season 2 adds new Ferrari-like Ligar Supercar

Not My Car Season 2

If there is one department where Not My Car was lacking, it was the Supercar segment. That shortcoming was just fixed with today's release of Not My Car Season 2.

Not My Car Season 2 brings the new Ligar Supercar, a luxurious red car that conspicuously looks like a Ferrari. It's not a Ferrari because copyright reasons, but I like to pretend that it is when I'm cruising around and blasting other players' cars to pieces.

One of Season 2's improvements is the addition of car classes. From now on, each one of the four cars has its own specific attributes – previously it was a matter of choosing a car because it looked cool.

The Ligar Supercar is mostly balanced but stands out for its acceleration and braking stats. The Beast truck is all about the armor but severely lacks on acceleration, while the ASP muscle car excels at drifting and health. Finally, the Mantis is another well-rounded vehicle that has great braking stats and isn't too shabby in the remaining areas.

Season 2 also brings faster matchmaking times and matches with a larger number of players. Up to 40 players are now able to participate in a match.

This update brings a ton of cosmetics including over 300 vehicle skins, horns, flags, and drones. One of the new vehicles skins is Clementine’s car, obviously inspired by Season 4 of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead. Not bad if you were a fan of the games created by the sadly defunct developer.

Not My Car is a cool Battle Royale game with cars, as our first impressions will tell you. However, it's not managing to convince a crowd, struggling with an extremely low player base. No matter how much content it gets, if the numbers don't increase, it's unlikely that it will remain live for long. Let's hope that Season 2 gives it a decent boost.


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