Nutaku’s Shooting Girl has just launched

After Kanpani Girls and Flower Knight Girl, Nutaku has just released one more game in English and with a – you guessed it – ‘girl' in the title. This time it's Shooting Girl and it shares several mechanics with the aforementioned games – for example, all the girls are designed in a cute anime style that fans will surely appreciate. But the gameplay itself is somewhat similar, with players having to repel an alien invader from Tokyo by recruiting girls – heavily armed schoolgirls, in fact, because reasons.

Players have to recruit girls, train and equip them for the turn-based battles. Each girl is armed with a real-world firearm, from the bolt-action Mauser 98 to the H&K MP7 submachine gun, which should be a nice detail for gun fans.

If you want to try out Shooting Girl, the official website is the way to go.

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