Official Naruto Online MMORPG launching in English this month

The one and only, official Naruto Online MMORPG is going to release in English this month, more specifically July 20, 2016. We suspected that this was coming, considering that publisher Oasis Games already had licensed and is running the German and Brazilian versions of Naruto Online.

Now, don't make mistakes – you probably already stumbled across several Naruto MMORPGs, only those aren't licensed, which means that they're pretty much illegal. Naruto Online is official, however, licensed by IP owner Bandai Namco and first released in China by Tencent. It's still a browser-based free MMORPG with turn-based battles, but at least it includes the famous characters and familiar storylines of the anime.

You can sign up at the official site and even grab a key right away – that is, if you can pass a Naruto test with five questions. You can, of course, cheat (ahem) as currently there isn't any limit to the number of tries.

If you want to learn more about Naruto Online before jumping in, the best thing to do is watching our Naruto Online first look from the China version.


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