Fun old-school shooter Veterans Online Steam release date revealed

Veterans Online Steam release date

Nuked Cockroach has revealed the Veterans Online Steam release date. The fun old-school shooter is finally coming into its own after a lengthy development, featuring a group of cartoonish soldiers who aren't afraid to get their hands dirty. Veteran gamers (pun not intended) who are familiar with games such as Ikari Warriors, Commando or Cannon Fodder will surely appreciate the top-down view that fuels the gameplay of Veterans Online.

After entering open beta in December 2019, Veterans Online is set for release on Steam on May 22, 2020. Being a fun shooter doesn't mean that it skimps on the competitive side of things. There are various game modes and battlefields to test your skills, including the most straightforward Deathmatch, but also modes such as Territory Control. You have an assortment of mounts to use, from the most common motorbikes or quads to the outlandish submarines and mechs.

You can download Veterans Online for free from Steam., if you like your wars with a healthy dose of crazy fun.


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