One Piece 3: Ultimate War enters open beta with more Luffy adventures

Out of nowere, there's a new One Piece free-to-play game in town and it just entered open beta today: One Piece: Ultimate War (play free here). After four days in closed beta, Ultimate War is now available to play since 08:00 April 11, 2016 (CDT). This game follows on the other two free One Piece games, the last one being Pirate King.

Judging by the screenshots, Ultimate War is switching the side-scrolling view of the previous games in favor of an isometric game world, but combat apparently remains the same one-screen, auto-combat kind of affair. This open beta should bring special activities, gifts and more, according to the developers. Here's the official Ultimate War story synopsis:

“Before being executed, Gol D. Roger, the King of Pirates, who owns enormous wealth, fame, power and everything in the world, once said: “I've buried everything I had into the sea, go and find them if you want it.” Such word had driven the people to an unprecedented treasure hunt and the “Age of Pirates” is at hand! Bloody and cruel battles burst out among many pirates for the possession of the priceless treasure named “ONE PIECE” – a boy named Luffy, who made a pact with his friend Shanks, was also involved. Now he is looking for friends with a common goal to accomplish – to be the Pirate King. And you, my champion, you're about to begin the adventure in One Piece Ultimate War with Luffy.”

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