One Piece Online begins closed beta

Out of nowhere, anime fans are about to get a new free-to-play One Piece game called One Piece Online. Unlike Anime Pirates, One Piece Online is described as a tower defense ARPG and the closed beta is going to begin today, January 15, 2015 at 7am PST. You can sign up for the beta here.

One Piece Online's gameplay “combines the role-playing, real time battle of ARPG with the “tower defense” battle mode” and includes hundreds of famous characters (Luffy, Zoro, Sanji…) from OnePiece. Players will build a team with these characters and sail the world. There are 300 instances, or challenges, for the players to overcome.

Sounds like something compelling, but we fear that the “auto combat start” message that pops before the battles begin are a warning that One Piece Online is just another AFK kind of browser-based game. Hopefully there will be an option to battle manually, with some depth to it, not just clicking one skill and watching stuff happen. We'll judge it soon and give you our honest opinion on it, as always.

 Here are a couple of gameplay videos. If you want to join the beta then you just have to go to our One Piece Online Free Closed Beta Giftpack Giveaway.


Faithfully following the original manga while providing unique gameplay and strategizing, with these 3 features, and a series of server launch events to help you in “OnePiece Online”, are you ready for the challenge?

For more information on One Piece Online please visit Official Website at Fo


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