Online shooter Line of Sight is going free-to-play

Line of Sight is a first-person shooter from developer BlackSpot Entertainment that is on Steam Early Access since September, but the team was unsure about a full release being free-to-play or not. Now, in a new announcement, Blackspot reveals that it has made its mind: “we think it's clear that we should go F2P.”

However, the free-to-play version is the one available as of today on Gamengame in all countries, as the notice mentions. The Early Access version will remain live as the studio says “the game is far from perfect and we need to make sure it is ready for the wider access”, but all players (Gamengame and Steam) will be playing on the same servers, the difference being that Steam users will get 500 Free Gems and exclusive Early Access Emblems.

Looking at the player reviews, Line of Sight has a mixed rating (with recent reviews closing in on the negative side) and the main player complaint is that the servers are empty. Once again, the decision to make a game free comes at a point where it could be already too late.

If you play it, let us know if it's a good game or not.

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