Anime MMORPG TeeTiny Online has a looming tower to explore

anime MMORPG TeeTINY Online

The upcoming anime MMORPG TeeTiny Online has entered its second closed beta for Android devices, but the official 2020 launch is also planned for PC and iOS.

Described as a casual fantasy MMORPG where all players adventure together, this game features a single open world system for everyone to easily find a party and take on the challenges together. TeeTiny Online looks cute in a simple but charming way, somewhat similar to Thatgamecompany's Sky: Children of the Light

Reaching the top of a mysterious tower is your goal, but you'll have to prepare yourself before you get to face the challenge. Jumping from one floating island to the other dressed in your used rags, you'll complete a few quests to earn a sword or wand, and eventually you'll receive some decent clothes to fight the initial goblin horde.

While the second closed beta of the anime MMORPG TeeTiny Online is said to be exclusive to Philippines and Singapore, it isn't such. In fact, it is neither exclusive nor closed, because I've managed to partake in a few quests myself, so give it a go as well if you like the prospect. The beta is live until November 3 and you can install it from the Play Store.

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