Open world MMORPG Dragon Raja announced, pre-registrations open

Open world MMORPG Dragon Raja

Zulong Games has officially announced the Unreal Engine 4 open world MMORPG Dragon Raja. We've been following this game since news on it surfaced, mostly how Epic Games and Loong Entertainment (now Zulong) partnered to create this ambitious mobile MMO. This game has already been praised in other countries where it was released, such as China.

The Dragon Raja reveal comes with a stunning new trailer that highlights some of the game's features. The stunning graphics finally seem to push the mobile visuals to a standard close to what we get on PC and console, while the art style begs comparisons with Blade and Soul and Final Fantasy games. Character customization is robust and should let you create a fairly unique avatar, choosing from four different classes at launch. The Chinese version already received at least one additional class that I can think of, which

Dragon Raja features an impressive attention to detail, with characters leaving footprints in the snow, and the shiny reflections on the surface during rainy days. There's a real-time action combat system with PvP supporting up to 100 simultaneous players, and a large open world to explore, with a day and night cycle and different weather conditions.

A career system will keep you entertained alongside the main campaign. You can become versed in several professions, starting at the bottom and reaching the top – for instance, you can begin as a waitress and make your way up to an acclaimed chef.

The reveal came with a nice surprise, as the Dragon Raja voice cast was announced, with some famous names. Check a few of them below:

  • Director Nimer Rashed (Holby City, The Feed).
  • Voice actors:
    • Eric Sigmundsson (Battlefield V, Star Wars).
    • Harrison Collett (Hitman 2).
    • Jessica Claire Predd (Lego Ninja Movie).
    • Joseph May (Division 2).

There are some cool Dragon Raja rewards to celebrate pre-registration on the Play Store and App Store. Depending on the number of registered players, you can unlock several rewards, including a Gold Hero Key at 500,000, and an epic Flamingo Sporty Refit Model mount at 3 million pre-registrations.

The open world MMORPG Dragon Raja will release in North America and EMEA in English, German, Russian, French, and Simplified Chinese languages. Visit the official site for more info. Watch the new trailer below and check our Dragon Raja impressions as well.

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