Otherland closed beta begins today

Otherland is entering closed beta today, Drago Entertainment has just announced. It's not the first time that Otherland enters beta Рthe first time was way back in 2012, a few months before development ceased. Now Otherland is back into beta, just a couple of weeks after the announcement of the revival with the new developer, Polish studio Drago Entertainment.

The studio admits that players who received the closed beta key “will encounter server crashes, downtimes and bugs”. They also admit that this beta is “is focused on server crashes” so that the data will be used to “optimize the game and fix the issues”.

Sounds exactly like what a closed beta should be used for, instead of launching a bugged game with a cash shop and trying to take as much money as you can from unsuspecting players. So we wish them luck in this process and hopefully we'll also be able to see how the game is shaping up to be, after such a troubled development.

You can still sign up for the closed beta at the official Otherland website.

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  • Milos

    Game looks and sounds diffrent then other mmo, i will give it a try when open beta come! but i really hope so it wont become p2w :/

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    • Aregadon

      It’s made by a smaller Studio+ the Actual Author is involved in the making of the game so I guess they will concentrate more on the Fanbase letting the game live up to it’s hype and not just cashing in money from everywhere.

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  • Vince

    I’m super wary of the troubles this game has suffered, but super intrigued all the same. The premise is just too good. I mean, this is the kind of hard, forward-looking sci-fi concept that I remember being really popular when I was a kid in the 90’s (I could be mis-remembering, of course, but I grew up watching stuff fascinated with virtual worlds. From Star Trek TNG’s holodeck to Tek War, Johnny Mnemonic, Lawnmower Man, Virtuosity, etc.).

    Plus, I dig the look of the game – at least back in 2012. Really evokes old 80’s early CGI stuff; kind of trippy, kind of abstract, but oddly pretty and creative. You kind of have to be when you can only work with basic forms and colors. You can see that kinda spirit in this game too – especially with the low poly avatars in the Lambda Mall Zone and the big chess pieces in the Medieval World.

    I hope this one turns out well. Not sure yet. I’m sure nothing will come out of this CBT in the way of media (NDA’s and all), but it’s good to know it’s at least moving forward.

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    • freemmostation

      Lawnmower man… The memories! And TekWar! I loved that game, it was so underrated! Flawed but I loved it to bits!

      Let’s hope Otherland brings some of those feelings back. I have the game download but still couldn’t play it because time x|

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