Otherland is moving into new worlds based on Tad Williams’ next works

Otherland MMORPG new content

Drago Entertainment has announced the next steps for the sci-fi MMORPG Otherland. This involves taking the player into new and still undisclosed worlds.

The team's priority is to bring the current NeoGrail storyline to a conclusion in the coming months. Most of the planing and writing is done, so now it's a matter of implementing it into the game. After that, things are bound to get even more interesting.

The next step is to bring the new worlds and storylines from Tad Williams’ next works on Otherland. The team agreed not to disclose any details as of yet, but the conclusion of the NeoGrail storyline may bring the beginning of a new book

Otherland has an extremely low player count and still keeps going, so we have to praise them for that.

Otherland MMORPG new content


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