Ouch, it stings: Dauntless is getting new ranged weapon War Pike

dauntless war pike

Dauntless is getting a new weapon, the fifth one to make it into this co-op action RPG. This is also the first ranged weapon in this game, and it is coming with the Sharpen Your Skills update in December.

Although the War Pike includes some explosive ranged attacks, it is first and foremost a versatile polearm that can be used to suit each player's playstyle. It can fire a powerful built-in cannon for devastating ranged attacks, but there's also the forward thrust attack, one of the four primary attacks and two secondary attacks that can be used to create a smashing combo.

For a detailed description of the War Pike, you can check the official post. Below you'll find a video showing some of the attacks and combos from Dauntless' new weapon.

Dauntless goes free-to-play on 2018 and is currently a PC exclusive.

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