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August 23, 2013 1 News

The new theme for Black Desert Online was just revealed in the official website. Theme 5 focuses on mounts and housing, showing with plenty of detail everything from horses to bulls, elephants or camels. Housing is represented through tents (both… Read More »

August 22, 2013 0 News

Perfect World and Cryptic Studios today announced that the acclaimed free action MMORPG Neverwinter, set in the Dungeons & Dragons Forgotten Realms universe from Wizards of the Coast, has launched its first free Module, Fury of the Feywild. Set in… Read More »

August 22, 2013 0 News

Aeria Games just revealed more juicy details on the upcoming free-to-play multiplayer shooter F.E.A.R. Online, as well as the full website. F.E.A.R. Online will feature all-out warfare between the F.E.A.R. soldiers and ATC security personnel, and players will enlist on… Read More »

August 21, 2013 0 News

Sony just revealed three new EverQuest Next: Landmark videos showcasing the impressive capacities of the first part of EverQuest Next. The power to shape the environment and build things in the exact way players imagine it seems impressive to say… Read More »

August 21, 2013 0 News

Recently announced, Dead Island: Epidemic is a MOBA game from the popular series developed by Techland. The announcement of this unexpected spin-off didn’t have any screens or trailer to show, so we we’re left without an idea of what to… Read More »

August 21, 2013 6 News

After a long wait, Bethesda finally revealed the business model the studio is using for the highly anticipated The Elder Scrolls Online. While there was some hoping for a free-to-play model (we honestly didn’t believe it would happen), it was… Read More »

August 21, 2013 0 News

Disney just announced that Pirates of the Caribbean Online is going to shut down on September 19, 2013. If you’re still interested in taking a loot at this MMORPG, then you’ll enjoy full unlimited access until the game closes. You… Read More »

August 20, 2013 1 News

Forge, the arena style PvP game from Dark Vale is now free-to-play on Steam, as we reported yesterday. This gritty, medieval fantasy combat game will certainly get a lot of new players now that is accessible to everyone, nearly 9… Read More »

August 20, 2013 0 News

Wargaming just announced the official launch date for the highly anticipated aerial combat MMO game World of Warplanes. WoW will be officially released in North America and Europe on September 26th. World of Warplanes will go live with over 100… Read More »

August 19, 2013 0 News

Forge is one more MMO game that had to transition to free-to-play not even a year after release. An update expected for this week will be essential to the survival of Forge, since the small indie studio Dark Vale needs… Read More »