Painter class is coming to Aion Europe with update 7.0

Painter class Aion Europe

The new Painter class is about to paint Atreia in many colors as it arrives with Aion‘s update 7.0. Gameforge will be releasing this update on July 10, with more content besides the new Painter class.

The first time that we spotted this class was late last year in the Korean version. Apparently, Aion players weren't happy with such a drastic departure from the MMORPG's theme, as it feels at odds with the Aion mythology. The backlash was noticeable in the like/dislike ratio of the videos below. However, she looks cool with her rad outfit and paint weapons.

Aion 7.0 also brings two new instances: Dumaha Region and The Stella Development Laboratory. You can find more info about the Aion 7.0 update on the official blog post.

Painter class Aion Europe


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