Paladins joins the Battle Royale craze with Battlegrounds

Paladins Battlegrounds

Not one to be left behind, Paladins is now joining in on the Battle Royale fun by adding a game mode where the goal is just to eliminate everyone else on the map. Paladins: Battlegrounds surfs on the huge wave that PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds somewhat started, with Fortnite following suit with its Battle Royale.

Touted as “the first-ever hero-shooter battle royale” by Hi-Rez, this game mode mixes things up with survival gameplay in a fantasy setting for 100 players. Battlegrounds was designed from the ground-up to be played in teams. The game map is massive, being over 300 times the square footage of a typical Paladins Siege map. Players hop onto their mounts and start exploring the map, looting over four dozen outposts and keeping on the lookout for zeppelins that drop legendary gear.

The Battlegrounds mode will be available in Paladins during 2018, with an early alpha version already playable at Hi-Rez Expo.


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