Paladins is now one of the most played games on Steam

After entering open beta less than two weeks ago, Paladins: Champions of the Realm has swiftly climbed into Steam's Top 10 Games by player count and judging by the very positive reviews, it will keep on growing steadily. This team based shooter from the makers of SMITE saw the creation of well over 100,000 new accounts in the first 24 hours and there's an increasing interesting in seeing Paladins jump into the eSports scene worldwide.

The first ever Paladins Invitational, to be held at Hi-Rez Expo January 5-8 2017, will include not only teams from North America and Europe but also teams from Brazil, Latin America, Australia/New Zealand, and China. The winning teams from each region will then compete in the $150,000 Paladins Invitational in Atlanta, Georgia. You can purchase tickets at

Despite its undeniable quality, there's been some controversy surrounding Paladins and some similarities with Blizzard's shooter Overwatch, to which Hi-Rez Studio's Todd Harris has reacted.

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