Paladins Battlegrounds goes through a name change

Paladins Battlegrounds

Paladins Battlegrounds is no more, as Hi-Rez Studios cautiously reveals the new name for its Battle Royale game mode. The chosen name is… (drum roll) Paladins Realm Royale.

Well… I guess Paladins Battle Royale would be even less original than Paladins Battlegrounds, so… Paladins Realm Royale it is. Do you like the new name or do you think that all these Battle Royale contenders are dangerously running out of imagination?

Paladins Realm Royale is currently in closed alpha, and is going to include a forging system. This way you can dismantle weapons, armor, and abilities and earn shards in return. When you collect 100 Shards, you must travel to a Forge and use them to get a random Legendary weapon or ability.

Paladins Realm Royale forge

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