Paragon is now in open beta on PC and PlayStation 4

It's time to start the fight – If you like Paragon, of course. The visually stunning and quite frankly very interesting free-to-play third-person MOBA from Epic Games has just entered open beta on PC and PlayStation 4, so you just have to jump over to the official website to sign up, download and play.

The developers take a moment to thank everyone who is with them since the beginning, especially Early Access players. They also mention that Paragon is “the first MOBA that truly uses 3D space”, which could probably be true, considering that SMITE and other older MOBAs never made much of verticality and other aspects of the terrain. Feel free to tell them they're wrong in the comments if you remember another MOBA where the 3D aspect of the map actually mattered as much as in Paragon.

Paragon will keep getting new heroes every three weeks, with plenty of balancing and new stuff such as card crafting and banners.

Epic Games celebrated the Paragon open beta with the launch of a new, epic trailer (pun intended).

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