Paragon releases early access and several hero overview trailers

The Paragon Founder's Packs just went on sale and you can buy them right away and get ready for Early Access, which begins March 18, 2016. During the Early Access Season, new heroes will be added every three weeks, there will be community events, and daily and weekly rewards. Epic Games says that Paragon will never be pay-to-win and that players can compete without spending any money – purchases will only be cosmetic, with the cards that affect your hero's power only earned by playing the game.

A new trailer was released to celebrate the Founder's Packs release, and it's as good as usual. If you go here, you'll see the new hero overview trailers from a lot of characters, including Sparrow, Gideon, Gadget, Howitzer and Dekker.

Paragon is going to enter open beta in summer 2016, if you don't have access right away or prefer not to purchase a Founder's Pack.

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