Paragon’s new trailer rushes the core, Epic “will never sell card packs”

Epic Games has revealed a new Paragon trailer featuring some core rushing gameplay and showing in better detail some of the heroes – Sparrow and Gideon rush while Dekker, Steel and Grux defend. Some abilities are truly imaginative and stunning to look at, such as Gideon's cosmic rift, where he summons a massive meteor right in your face. Embellished with several slow motion moments, this short trailer also shows the power of the replay system, with some amazing cinematic sequences.

Epic Games laid to rest one of the biggest worries of Paragon fans, saying to Eurogamer that they “will never sell card packs”. However, we're still not sure about the plan for microtransactions, as creative director Steve Superville only had this to say: “We are not talking too much about the business model right now. But we are very aware that pay-to-win is a bad thing for competitive play.” We're willing to bet it will include skins, though.

Paragon currently features 13 heroes and you can see their stats and abilities here. Currently in alpha, the PC open beta is expected summer 2016 and the PS4 version should be around that time or a bit later.

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