Paragon’s Monolith update brings new map and faster gameplay

Paragon is going through a lot right now, as we already told you before. Epic Games is putting the finishing touches on the new Monolith map, which is going to be released with the December 6, 2016 update and is intended to create faster, more action-oriented gameplay, one of the main criticisms aimed at Paragon, perhaps the only major criticism that this free-to-play MOBA game is getting.

Epic Games calls this an entirely new Paragon experience and says that the changes made with the Monolith update “will deliver a faster, more visceral gameplay experience that you’d expect from an action game while retaining all of the meta game and strategy of a competitive MOBA.”

Size of the map, the lane structure, and the meta gameplay were all addressed in this update, with “faster movement speed, ability and attack execution speed, and overall game lethality” taking Paragon closer to the feeling of an action game, or as the studio puts it, “The MOBA that puts you in the action.” Most of the cooldowns in the game were also reduced, mana takes a more important place and every hero in the game was rebalanced for faster speed and faster kill times.

Learn all about the upcoming changes on the official post.

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