Paragon’s open beta begins August 16, gameplay fixes planned

Making a great MOBA isn't an easy task and Epic Games certainly knows it – despite all the potential in Paragon, there's still quite a lot of work ahead for the makers of Gears of War. That's what the new announcements tell us about, including stuff such as teleports that will make the gameplay seem breezier and players more responsive to where the action is, while removing travel mode. Match length is also going to be adjusted, lane minions reduced and more that you can read here.

The Paragon open beta date was revealed to be August 16, 2016 and progress won't be reset, and there's also the promise of a new hero every three weeks. Khaimera is the next in line, coming to Paragon on June 21 – a melee fighter wielding dual axes, he has this awesome tribal look to him that reminded us of the character from the classic Shadow of the Beast series.


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