Path of Exile’s March update comes with the Bestiary League

Path of Exile Bestiary League

Do you think it's finally time for some Pokémon in your Path of Exile? Or should I say that Grinding Gear Games isn't a complete stranger to a bit of Monster Hunter World?

Whatever you think it is, the March 2 update for the action RPG Path of Exile will bring the Bestiary League, where you can hunt, capture and sacrifice beasts for your own pleasure. Oh, and to craft powerful items, above all. Your bestiary is the book where you can see the beasts that you have captured, with a nice description and a classification. Think of it as your PokeDex… or MonsterDex, if you prefer. You can even display the captured beasts in your Menagerie, as if it was your personal zoo of monstrosities. You can also beastcraft a portal to the Spirit Lands to hunt one of four tough Spirit Beasts, which grant you a great reward.

The Bestiary update also brings a revamp of the 19 Ascendancy classes, three new gems, and more. Path of Exile keeps getting more and more depth with each update.


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