Path of Exile: Legion update will ramp up early game difficulty

Path of Exile: Legion update

We're just a few days away from Path of Exile: Legion's launch on June 7, 2019. Grinding Gear Games is aiming for the stars with the new update, promising a reworked melee combat and an exciting new league.

But there's more to it, especially for new Path of Exile players. Speaking to OnlySP, Grinding Gear Games co-founder Chris Wilson said that Legion will make the game more difficult for new players:

“The goal was actually to be more hostile to early players. We’re rebalancing the early monster combat to be harder and more satisfying.”

You should prepare yourself for increased boss damage, but also for a bigger sense of reward as you dodge their attacks which are better signaled, apparently.

Path of Exile is the action RPG that just keeps on giving, so everyone is expecting the Legion update to be another hit. It won't be long now. 


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