Path of Exile: Legion expansion revealed with melee combat revamp

Path of Exile Legion update

Grinding Gear Games has unleashed the details on the next Path of Exile expansion. Called Legion, this update will release on June 7, 2019 and is the one that was previously alluded as the 3.7.0 expansion.

Legion brings a new challenge league, with monoliths where you'll uncover ancient conflicts between several legions, frozen in time. You can hit the monsters that will provide the best rewards, but be prepared as they unfreeze and begin attacking you. It's a matter of risk versus reward.

One of the most exciting aspects about Legion is the melee combat revamp. GGG has added the option to cancel attack animations after dealing damage, the movement skills are now immediate and your melee attacks can hit all the adjacent foes, not just one target. Animations have been overhauled as well and there are a few more changes that contribute to a truly new melee combat experience.

You can read all about Legion on the official website.


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