Path of Exile’s ‘clunky’ melee combat is being improved

path of exile melee combat

Path of Exile may be everyone's favorite free-to-play hack and slash game, but it's not perfect. There is no such thing, you know. That is why Grinding Gear Games relentlessly releases new updates with awesome content and great improvements. The recent Synthesis update is a great example of rebalancing skills.

Now, the plan is to improve on the melee combat with the June 3.7.0 expansion. The changes to melee combat are turning out to be a ‘lot larger' than what was initially expected.

The reason for this enterprise has to do with criticism from players from other action RPGs, who consider Path of Exile's melee combat to be ‘clunky'. This happens especially during the early game, when the player character isn't particularly fast at attacking. So, you can expect animation improvements and skill rebalances to tighten up the feel of the melee clashes.


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