Patrick Söderlund’s Embark Studios is working on a stunning free-to-play co-op action game

Embark Studios new game

Former Electronic Art's executive Patrick Söderlund has founded Embark Studios last year and is now shedding some light on the direction that it is going. It's good to remind everyone that Nexon invested in Embark Studios, so this is shaping up to be something big.

Embark Studios currently has over 50 people and has started prototyping its first game. Cutting straight to the chase, this is set to be a “cooperative free-to-play action game set in a distant future, about overcoming seemingly impossible odds by working together.” It is powered by Unreal Engine 4 and you only need to take a look at a terrain test below to see how impressive things can be – all that it needs is a few characters running around to make our jaws drop.

This test was created by three people over three weeks and features dynamic weather and lighting.

In the coming months, Embark Studios plans on sharing more about their journey and how a small team won't go “into hiding for years”; instead, they want to get something out there that is fun and that they can build upon.

And that something is a free-to-play sci-fi cooperative action game. You have our full attention, Patrick.

Embark Studios new game concept art


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