Pearl Abyss reveals Black Desert Mobile awakened classes

Desert Mobile awakened classes

Pearl Abyss has revealed its plans for the awakening system for its mobile MMORPG Black Desert Mobile. The awakened classes seem to mirror those from the original PC game, Black Desert Online. However, the names are different for some unfathomable reason.

The names are the following: Warrior awakens into Berserker; Ranger Ranger awakens into Windwalker; Witch awakens into Archmage; Valkyrie awakens into Lancer; Dark Knight awakens into Darkness; Giant awakens into Distresser; Witch awakens into Archmage; Sorceress awakens into Reaper and Musa awakens into Sky Wolf (天狼). You can see the images of each awakened class below. Pearl Abyss adds that they will also update the pre-awakened classes in some form sometime in the future.

Black Desert Mobile is available in South Korea since early 2018 and the North American and European releases are planned for early 2019.

Desert Mobile awakened classes

Via MMOCulture

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