Pearl Abyss’ open world sci-fi shooter Plan 8 pits humanity against robots

Shooter Plan 8

Shooter Plan 8 is coming from Pearl Abyss, makers of Black Desert Online, in a partnership with Minh Le, co-creator of Counter-Strike. Just as it happens with DokeV and Crimson Desert, the G-Star 2019 reveal trailer for Plan 8 is comprised of actual in-game footage running on the next generation proprietary engine from the Korean studio.

The Terminator vibes are impossible to deny, with the Plan 8 trailer showing a few members of human resistance fighting against robots and other technologically enhanced creatures. Luckily, the few tenacious humans were able to use parts of the invading forces to upgrade their own abilities.

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As we've mentioned before, Plan 8 is an open world MMO shooter where you explore an expansive area and discover mysterious storylines. Pearl Abyss states that its famous MMORPG combat system is being used to create a whole new type of shooter, but we're yet to see how Black Desert's decidedly fun and flashy combat will translate into such a different game genre.

There isn't much to add to the new Plan 8 trailer that you can see below, except that it is getting players excited. Some players are going to the extent of comparing the Plan 8 trailer to Blizzard's acclaimed cinematics, most recently Overwatch 2, praising the Korean developer for using in-game footage to set the mood.

The shooter Plan 8 is in development for PC and console, which we're assuming it's the usual PS4 and Xbox One platforms. In the meantime, if you want your share of Pearl Abyss, there's a great offer for the upcoming Black Desert Mobile MMORPG, which is launching globally on December 11: by pre-registering, you get Black Desert PC for free. Sounds like the kind of deal that it's impossible to refuse.

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