Perfect World goes to Steam, Elysium expansion is live

Elysium, the 12th expansion for Perfect World International, is now available. This update brings the new Homestead System, an end-game dungeon called Uncharted Paradise and major upgrades to weapons, gear, fashion and more. Perfect World International has also made its way onto Steam for the first time – the PWI page is here.

Elysium’s new Homestead System invites players with characters Level 90 and above to build and customize their very own homes. Hidden in a realm isolated from the rest of the Perfect World lies an exquisite mansion, waiting to be claimed. Players can choose from hundreds of different options to design and furnish these grand structures. PWI’s new Homesteads also give players a new way to interact with one another, as they are able make trades, craft items, post jobs and generate resources.

Elysium also unlocks Uncharted Paradise, a dangerous new 10-player dungeon. The land where this max-level instance lies was once home to a prosperous village, but was decimated after Pan Gu flooded the planet. Players must now trudge through its wastelands to battle guardians and complete a series of seven trials. Conquering Uncharted Paradise will yield incredibly valuable rewards, including the materials needed to create Dragonbreath Weapons, which are currently the most powerful weapons in the game.


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