Perfect World Mobile character classes revealed before official launch

Perfect World Mobile character classes

Perfect World Entertainment has revealed the Perfect World Mobile character classes. The five classes will be available for you to choose when the game releases in Europe on August 22.

The Human race comes from the Etherblade city and is comprised of two classes, both specializing in melee combat. The Blademaster is an expert with swords, axes and hammers, with his skills changing depending on the weapon that he wields. The Wizard comes with strong casting abilities and is capable of using powerful skills to defeat their enemies.

Perfect World Mobile character classes

Winged Elves hail from City of the Plume, a location worthy of any The Lord of the Rings movie. The Archer is one of the available choices, being extremely mobile, highly skilled with the bow and suited for long-range combat. The Cleric is a healer class that serves as a perfect support unit, but also comes with some interesting attack skills.

Perfect World Mobile character classes Winged Elves

The Untamed live in the City of the Lost and is a race that features both human and tiger form. The Barbarian class is extremely powerful, acting as the tank in Perfect World Mobile. Their use of heavy melee weapons is outstanding, but changing to tiger form gives them an entirely new set of skills.

Perfect World Mobile character classes Untamed

These are the launch Perfect World Mobile character classes, but more are yet to come. You can pre-register for Perfect World Mobile North America and Europe right now. While doing so, you will be contributing to a reward system that includes several items and a mount. Perfect World Mobile will be available for pre-loading in Europe beginning August 21, with the release coming the day after.

We recently had the opportunity to play a beta version of Perfect World Mobile and were impressed with the upgrades to the original game. This is a solid revamp that takes the best elements of the original 12-year old classic MMORPG and updates it to the current generation. You can watch our Perfect World Mobile video review below.


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