Perfect World Mobile marriage system is coming in November

Perfect World Mobile marriage system

The Perfect World Mobile marriage system is coming to the MMORPG in November, allowing players to relive the wedding ceremonies that they had in Perfect World International.

With the new marriage system, players will be able to bind in matrimony and battle. However, not all of the three million players that have tried Perfect World Mobile since its launch in September will be able to do so straight away. Let's see what it takes for two souls to be joined in holy matrimony.

Perfect World Mobile marriage system guide

Perfect World Mobile marriage system cruise

For two players to fusion into one, they need to be at least level 40 with an intimacy rating of 1000. The ceremony is divided into three parts, and first you must make your way to Archosaur city and meet the Golden Boy. Weddings can be customized with several options, and friends can be invited to celebrate as well.

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During the ceremony, the bride and broom are able to earn Blessing Points – the more they earn, the bigger will be the rewards when the ceremony is over. Wedding guests won't leave empty-handed as well; they can earn contribution points and exchange them for their own rewards as well.

There's nothing fancier than a cruise to celebrate the upcoming matrimony, with guests spectating all the way from a safe distance. The trip will shower the grooms with gifts from the shores.

The final step is the Oriental-style marriage ceremony, with the couple celebrating their relationship for life… or at least for as long as they continue to play Perfect World Mobile. Once again, guests will earn contribution points during this event, simply by standing in the circle of light.

The end of the ceremony brings an in-game banquet that can be customized by the couple as well. There will be some activities during the banquet, where guests may earn epic loot by raising their contribution points.

Perfect World Mobile is available for Android and iOS and we've covered it in much detail. We have a piece comparing Perfect World Mobile with Perfect World International, as well as a Perfect World Mobile review . To sum it up, this is a nice remake of the classic PC game, tailored for mobile devices.

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