Perfect World Mobile North American release date revealed

Perfect World Mobile North American release

The Perfect World Mobile North American release date was just revealed. Players in NA will be able to play this game starting September 4. European players are already enjoying Perfect World Mobile since August 22.

The North American release will be available globally, with the exception of the following regions: Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Russia, and CIS. You may download the beta beginning at 00:00 EST, but the servers will only open at 10 AM.

Perfect World Mobile is a remake of the classic MMORPG Perfect World International. It features the same three main races (Winged Elves, Humans, and Untamed), classes and cities, but revamps the graphics and gameplay for the latest generation.

We took a deep look at Perfect World Mobile and compared it to its older brother. The differences are notorious, with Perfect World Mobile being a really cool upgrade of the original's world. You can read our impressions or watch the video below. With the Perfect World Mobile North American release date revealed, you only have to wait about a week before you try this MMORPG for yourselves.


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