Peria Chronicles development and fine-tuning continues into 2019

Peria Chronicles development continues 2019

Are you somewhat troubled by the deafening silence surrounding the once extremely hyped anime MMORPG Peria Chronicles? Well, do not fret, as the game wasn’t canceled.

During the recent G-Star 2018, Nexon Korea’s CEO Lee Jung-hun has revealed to Korean media that Peria Chronicles wasn’t present in the show because the developers wanted to focus on development and further improving the game.

It’s a small piece of info but a valuable one that is capable of reassuring players that Peria Chronicles is indeed being worked on, after all these years. For all its promise, Peria Chronicles endured quite a bit of criticism during its public showing at G-Star 2016, namely for its unexciting combat.

Peria Chronicles is an anime sandbox game that includes terraforming options, a complex building mechanic and player-driven social and economic systems. At least, this was the original plan, as things may have drastically changed in the meantime.

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