Peria Chronicles gameplay videos surface ahead of G-Star 2016

Do you have an hour or two to spare right now? If so, that's great because several Peria Chronicles gameplay videos have surfaced ahead of the G-Star 2016 reveal, which includes a playable demo. You'll get to see character creation, combat, world building, exploration and a lot of the great visuals that this sandbox anime MMORPG has to offer.

Inven released the videos below, where you can take a deep look at combat, which blends real-time action (something like a slower SoulWorker or an anime Vindictus) with the summoning of Kirana, creatures that you have to collect in a Pokémon kind of mechanic. Certain Kirana will fare better with specific enemies, so it will take some judgment for you to learn their abilities and use them in combat. You can't use Kirana forever, as there's mana to be managed between all of them – choose your favorite according to the battle at hand. Your character is far from being the main part of the battle (Kirana will do most of the combat), but you can jump in and do some slaying if you feel like it.

World building involves terraforming, as we knew from the previous videos, but there's still not much info on it, including the important limitations – can you build anywhere (probably not) and what are the requirements and limits for changing the terrain or accessing new functions and objects?

Take a look at the videos below and while you can expect a bit of lag, it was to be expected as the footage is taken from an early version. Feast on the cute animations and wait for some new info that shouldn't take long.

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