Peria Chronicles is canceled by Nexon due to disappointing feedback

Peria Chronicles is canceled

We may be about to witness the ending of a great journey, as Peria Chronicles is canceled by Nexon. We'd like to add “allegedly” to this post, but this is probably what it comes down to, considering the unexciting previous beta and the development hell that his anime MMORPG has suffered through.

The news of Peria Chronicles' cancelation comes from Invenglobal. A statement from a Nexon representative said the following (roughly translated from Korean):

“After much discussion, the development of Peria Chronicles was stopped. Nexon has conducted several internal and external tests of Peria Chronicles. Nexon, however, concluded that at this stage, Peria Chronicles could not satisfy the user and eventually canceled the project.”

He added, “I'm sorry for the users who have waited for the release.”

ThingSoft is developing Peria Chronicles for several years and it is reported that Nexon Korea's subsidiary Neople has invested over 10 Billion Won (more than $8M USD) in the anime MMORPG.

Peria Chronicles was announced as Project NT in 2012 and immediately captured the hearts and minds of anime fans. However, player response to the latest Korean beta was underwhelming, showing a game that was nothing like what it was originally announced; the ambitious mix of sandbox MMORPG with terraforming and customization tools was gone, replaced by a standard anime MMO with apparently dull combat. In theory, collecting Kirana to use in Pokémon-style battles was compelling, but in practice it looked monotonous.

Everyone was hoping that Nexon could improve the game and deliver on the promises, but judging by this announcement, ThingSoft was unable to achieve its original vision. The stunning Peria Chronicles character creation system is probably going to waste, now that the game is likely canceled.

If Peria Chronicles is canceled for good, what do you think of it? Were you expecting this game or it didn't tickle your fancy?


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