Peria Chronicles is officially canceled according to developer ThingSoft

Peria Chronicles is officially canceled

If you still had any sort of hope that the Peria Chronicles cancelation announcement didn't turn out to be true, we have bad news. It is indeed true, and developer Thingsoft has just revealed that Peria Chronicles is officially canceled via its Facebook page.

The announcement says that it is tough to share the bad news for those who have supported the game and waited for so long. The decision to cancel Peria Chronicles came after many internal meetings. It was based on the feedback from the Peria Chronicles closed beta test earlier this year.

The development team tried to respond to the feedback and improve Peria Chronicles, but it assumes it was unable to do so and accepted that it wasn't going to be able to turn the game into an enjoyable experience.

With the development on Peria Chronicles stopping, the official Facebook page will be deactivated on September 6, 2019. ThingSoft promises that the experience learned from the development of the ill-fated anime MMORPG will be used to deliver a better and more fun game next time.

With Nexon going through some turmoil right now, let's hope that the cancelation of Peria Chronicles won't mean the end of the road for ThingSoft. Nexon invested over $8M USD on Peria Chronicles through its subsidiary Neople and once highly anticipated MMORPG ended up being canceled, roughly after eight years of development.

Now that Peria Chronicles is officially canceled, we have less promising anime MMORPGs in the making. Phantasy Star Online 2 is coming to North America in 2020, while Bandai Namco's Blue Protocol is currently in development for Japan.

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