Peria Chronicles new full trailer is so cute, so… ah, just watch it

peria chronicles

After the short teaser from a couple of days ago, Thingsoft has released the full Peria Chronicles trailer in anticipation for the G-Star 2016 event, which begins tomorrow in South Korea. It's nearly four minutes of countless scenes, dozens of characters and of course, a few glimpses of the leading lady, the stunning girl in the blue and white dress.

The trailer goes through a lot of story bits and also game mechanics, including the promising character creation, world building and realtime combat with the help of the cute or gritty Kirana creatures. Oh, and there's also synchronized dancing and… what is that I just saw, was it a boob jiggle?

Peria Chronicles is looking like a dream of a sandbox MMORPG for anime fans and we can only hope that it plays half as good as it looks. We can't wait to see how the playable version promised for G-Star 2016 holds up.


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