Peria Chronicles new trailer shows building, combat, character customization…

Peria Chronicles beta

One of the strongest upcoming titles from Nexon, the anime sandbox MMORPG Peria Chronicles just got a new trailer showing the different features of this game. We were already in love with the anime visuals and the charming female character that introduced us to the previous trailers, but now we get to take a deeper look into the building aspects of the game.

Players are able to shape the terrain as they wish, but are also capable of using the advanced edition tools to create complex mechanisms and even mini-games, like a full-size Tetris game that is seen in the trailer. You can also get a glimpse of the character customization possibilities, as well as seeing just how fast-paced and enjoyable combat is shaping up to be – and we're not even talking about the Pokémon (or Kirana, as the creatures are called in Peria Chronicles) collecting aspect of things.

All in all, this is shaping up to be one of the most wanted MMORPG games of 2015 and a release outside Korea is highly likely.


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