Peria Chronicles reveals the straw creature Kashimara

ThingSoft has revealed one of the creatures from its upcoming anime sandbox MMORPG Peria Chronicles. We're assuming this is just one of the many Kirana creatures that we can find and use in battle, but the official description (which apparently is coming in English from now on, a great sign) isn't very clear on its origins or bigger plan.

What we know is that the Kashimara is a straw creature with a straw hat that has a handy matchstick – it likes to set himself on fire to hurt its enemies, probably more than it hurts itself. The cloak is also a weapon, as the Kashimara is able to swing it to attack the enemies.

Here is the official description at the time, complete with a couple of grammatical errors, but we're not judging, we just want the game:

“We introduce “KASHIMARA” that wearing a straw hat with matchstick. KASHIMARA puts his body on fire himself to enemy threats. (It's a little trick) He also attacked by his wonderful cloak (but that is also little trick 🙂 )”


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